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Kudos from Catherine W
to Marina McBee, CPNP
Posted on 01/24/2019 01:54
Marina has a very soothing, calming manner and was able to help my daughter relax after a "scary" throat culture exam in December. Not only did my daughter feel better, but I'm sure my blood pressure went right down! Thank you, Marina. I should have stopped to tell your office manager or someone at the front desk how awesome you are, but we ran out so quickly with our germs!
Kudos from Anonymous
to Sleepy Hollow
Posted on 12/28/2018 20:37
We have been coming to Sleepy Hollow Pediatrics for several years. The kids like all of the doctors. The staff is very pleasant and very good with the kids. The rooms are individually decorated such as the super heroe's room or the room with the farm animals or ambulances, etc., which the kids love and it makes the wait time in the room go by.. The kids come home with sticker sticks, lotions or soap or sometimes, all three! If the kids are happy to go to the doctor's office, then we, as parents, are happy.
Kudos from Zoila W
to Sleepy Hollow
Posted on 12/26/2018 16:45
Such a wonderful practice . All the doctors are wonderful. Dr. Jasani is an excellent doctor . My children have been going there for 14 years.
Kudos from Cat T
to Sleepy Hollow
Posted on 11/14/2018 15:48
Best pediatrics office in the area. Thank you for what you do!
Kudos from Matt P
to Sleepy Hollow
Posted on 09/24/2018 16:21
I called in on Saturday and Kristie went above and beyond. Our son is going through a search for a diagnosis and I was frankly unsure how exactly to navigate the different specialists, and tests, and how to get the right test results & info to the right specialists, etc., so a diagnosis can be arrived at with a minimum of invasive procedures. Simply put, Kristie "got it" and put my mind at ease. THANK YOU KRISTIE!!!
Kudos from Sandy M
to Archana Jasani, MD, FAAP
Posted on 07/04/2018 02:25
Dr. Jasani,
My children CJ and Allison Meyer went to you in the 90’s. CJ is now 25 and Allison is 23. We moved to NJ in July 2000. I am so appreciative of the great care and patience with me as a new mom.
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