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Kudos from Dena I
to Karen Browning, CPNP
Posted on 01/23/2019 14:28
I enjoyed our appointment with yesterday. You took your time with my daughter and listened to both of us. The morning had been full of anxiety and you removed so much of it... thank you!!
- Dena Imbergamo
Kudos from Alicia B
to Vienna
Posted on 12/31/2018 14:54
Professionals who can evaluate and coordinate care in a professional way. Extreme melt caring, accessible and concerned for real to provide you with help you need. I am really worried as my kids transition into adulthood that they won’t find such a caring team outside in the adult medicine envi
Kudos from Glenn G
to Julie McAndrews, MD, FAAP
Posted on 12/22/2018 13:20
Thank goodness for Dr. McAndrews this morn!!! Very early call to Capital Care. Our daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and the anesthesia caused nausea and vomiting. We could not get a hold of the oral surgeon so we called the on call doc. She prescribed anti nausea med which has helped tremendously!!! Thank you so much Dr. McAndrews!!!
Kudos from Christina L
to Vienna
Posted on 10/15/2018 11:31
My toddler had high fever during the night so I call the clinical advice line 7 AM in the morning. I was amazed that someone picked up the call that early. I was advised to take my daughter in to see the pediatrician and was given same day (morning) appointment on the spot. I am so thankful for the the advice as well as the immediate appointment. We will be taking my daughter to see doctor Bugula who is amazing and wonderful!
Kudos from Beth T
to Vienna
Posted on 08/09/2018 12:20
Thank you for taking such GREAT care of my daughter! After good intentions ended in a traumatic event, everyone from the front desk to Dr. Morris helped make the situation much better. You addressed the wound and eased her fears. A special thank you to Earl, Delphine and Dr. Morris. We all left very impressed with the care and service provided.
Kudos from Doug H
to Carol Fox, MD, FAAP
Posted on 10/02/2017 01:46
My wife and I are delighted with the level of care and caring Dr. Fox provides. Little Max smashed his fingers and Dr. Fox was able to see him immediately and care for his fingers and his upset parents. Thanks.
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