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Capital Area Pediatrics
01/04/2018 17:19
Are you following our social media pages? We use Facebook and Twitter to share additional content that can help your family live a healthier life! You won’t want to miss the latest news - you can find us at the following links:
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Capital Area Pediatrics
12/22/2017 19:13
The upload of patient appointment into our new electronic medical record has been completed. You should now be able to book your child's appointments into 2018. Thank you for your patience as we work through the transition process.
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Capital Area Pediatrics
12/20/2017 15:28
Graduation is both exciting and stressful. That’s why support from the family and engaging in healthy decisions are both important during this transition. Learn more about how you can help support your graduating teen, and talk to your doctor with any specific needs and questions: https://goo.gl/U3q8k4
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Capital Area Pediatrics
12/07/2017 18:38
As you evaluate and make changes to your health insurance coverage for 2018, please be sure to check out our updated list of accepted insurances on our website. https://www.capitalareapediatrics.com/location/central-business-office
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Capital Area Pediatrics
12/05/2017 19:01
Music. Exercise. Reading. What do these things have in common? They can each support your child's intellectual development. And they aren’t the only things that can help make your child smarter! Watch Capital Area Pediatrics’ own Dr. Hanita Oh-Tan run down a list of 10 things that will support your child’s intelligence here: https://goo.gl/TndD9k
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Capital Area Pediatrics
12/01/2017 14:33
Thank you to all the patients who have stuck with us this first week of our new electronic medical record system. We know everything has been taking a lot longer and we appreciate your patience. We are hoping to open more slots for appointments gradually next week and be back to full speed soon!
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