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Teen Driving Safety: 5 Safe Driving Practices To Instill In Your Child

It’s that time of year when your teen is learning to drive. Check out these 5 tips to make sure they drive safely.


Vegan & Vegetarian Diets: Getting Your Child the Nutrients They Need

Switching the family to a vegetarian diet? Make sure your kids have all the nutrients they need.


COVID and Back To School

Capital Area Pediatrics supports the safe return to in person learning for all children and adolescents this fall.


CAP COVID Updates - Planning for COVID and Beyond

Capital Area Pediatrics has made important updates to our practice and how we provide care.


Are Your Child’s Headaches Normal Or Something Serious?

Headaches occur from time to time in both children and adults, but the types of and triggers for headaches vary greatly. F...


Routine Well Visits & Vaccines: More Important Now Than Ever

Keeping your children healthy post-pandemic is crucial to ensure their continued safety and wellness. Our latest blog expl...


How Lactation Services Can Benefit Moms & When To Reach Out For Help

Nursing your newborn baby often comes with many challenges. Fortunately, the majority of problems that mothers encounter a...


Childhood Obesity: Tips For Prevention & Management

Obesity currently affects 1 in 5 children and adolescents in the United States. Our latest blog delves into how parents, g...


Signs Of Eating Disorders In Boys

Eating disorders are usually characterized as a female issue, but statistics prove that is not accurate. 33 percent of tee...