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Managing Challenging Behaviors Workshop

Join Dr. Panitz and other parents to discuss parenting challenges.

Dr. Panitz is hosting a 3 part virtual workshop to help parents better understand why challenging behaviors occur and provide strategies to effect positive change. Learn more here.

Prenatal Sessions

Expectant Parent/Prenatal Sessions

At Capital Area Pediatrics, our providers are compassionate and highly experienced at providing pediatric care with primetime appointment slots available. Your child’s comfort and overall health is our top priority.   Due to the pandemic, we are unable to offer in-office classes as we previously have.  However, all of our sites are offering virtual group webinars for you to "see" a provider and get your questions answered.  Please register using the link at the top of this page.

Upcoming dates:

Ryan Park 3/5/2021, 3/26/2021 

Vienna 3/17/2021

Sleepy Hollow 3/4/2021

Falls Church 3/12/2021

Herndon  3/15/2021

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Newborn Care Basics

Newborn and Baby Care Basics

As new parents, we understand you may have a lot of questions. At Newborn Care Basics, Dr. Priya Gowda-Boylan will provide clinical and practical information to help new parents confidently care for their newborn. Topics will include:

  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Soothing/Comforting Techniques/Crying/Colic
  • Bathing/Skin Care/Rashes
  • Sleep
  • Development
  • Safety
  • Red Flags: When to call your pediatrician

Due to the pandemic, we cannot offer this class in person at this time.  We are offering a free virtual session for existing CAP patients, the 3rd Tuesday of every month, starting November 2020.  Please register using the link at the top of this page. Click here for more information!

Facebook Live

Join our Facebook Live sessions to learn more about interesting topics with local experts!

CAP is proud to partner with local experts on relevant topics for children of different ages.  

Friday March 5 at 2pm:  Early Signs of Autistic Spectrum Disorder with our developmental pediatrician, Dr. Polly Panitz.  Details here.

Friday March 26 at 12pm: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of an Eating Disorder with the Center for Discovery.  Details here.

For past Facebook Lives, please see our videos.

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Asthma Management

Meet with our Certified Asthma Educator

We are excited to announce a free workshop for our asthmatics with our Certified Asthma Educator, Marina McBee, CPNP.  This class is geared towards parents of patients with asthma and older children who are interested in getting better control of their asthma in the winter and in the time of COVID.

This class will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 @ 7pm.  The class is free of charge, but limited in capacity.  Please register via the online form above. Click here for more info.