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Our Workshops

Prenatal Sessions

Expectant Parent/Prenatal Sessions

At Capital Area Pediatrics, our providers are compassionate and highly experienced at providing pediatric care with primetime appointment slots available. At our prenatal sessions, meet one of the site providers to hear more about how Capital Area Pediatrics can be a great fit for your newborn and family.  As of  June 1, 2023, all prenatal sessions will be IN PERSON at the site on the date and time you sign up for.  We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming dates:

Ashburn   May 6 5:30pm, June 12 5pm, July 15 5:30pm, September 3 5:30pm, October 8 5:30pm, November 18 5:30pm, December 11 5pm

Falls Church  May 9 7:30pm, June 7 5pm, July 8 7:30pm, August 8 7:30pm, September 9 7:30pm, October 10 7:30pm, November 8 5pm, December 9 7:30pm

Herndon  May 6 5:30pm, June 6 5:30pm, July 12 5:30pm, August 15 5:30pm, September 18 5:30pm, October 15 5:30pm, November 18 5:30pm, December 18 5:30pm

Sleepy Hollow  May 20 5:30pm, June 17 5:30pm, July 17 5:30pm, August 21 5:30pm, September 19 5:30pm, October 22 5:30pm, November 11 5:30pm, December 11 5:30pm

Vienna   May 8 5:30pm, June 20 5:30pm, July 16 5:30pm, August 6 5pm, September 16 5:30pm, October 16 5:30pm, December 9 5:30pm

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Pregnant Woman Filling Out Form

Breastfeeding 101

Expectant parents, new or existing

Free, 1 hour, virtual class led by our lactation team discussing:

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby's birth
  • What you can do in those early days that help set you up for long term success
  • How support from your care team can make a positive impact on your journey
  • Bottles, pumps, and other tools to help support breastfeeding

This class is for anyone interested in breastfeeding, whether it's your first or beyond. New and existing families welcome!  Feel free to spread the word  here!

Upcoming classes 2024, all held via Zoom from 7-8pm:  May 29, June 25

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Breastfeeding Women

A Happy Baby

Baby Care Basics

Newborn and Baby Care

As new parents, we understand you may have a lot of questions. At Baby Care Basics, Dr. Priya Gowda-Boylan will provide clinical and practical information to help new parents confidently care for their newborn. Topics will include:

  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Soothing/Comforting Techniques/Crying/Colic
  • Bathing/Skin Care/Rashes
  • Sleep
  • Development
  • Safety
  • Red Flags: When to call your pediatrician

We are offering a free virtual session for existing and prospective CAP patients, the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 1:30-2:30pm. (No session July 2024)  We are continuing this virtually to allow families from all over Northern Virginia to learn more about newborn care from the comfort of their own home. Click here for more information!

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