What does it take to become an NP?

We get this question all the time; even from our friends and family! Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who complete additional education beyond a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing; Sara and Marina both have Master's of Science in Nursing degrees. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners spend a minimum of 500 clinical hours working along side Physicians, Physician assistants, and established Nurse Practitioners in a variety of settings such as Pediatrician's offices, Pediatric Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares, Children's Hospitals, and Pediatric Specialty Clinics. 

What makes us special?

We originally became nurses so we could work closely with patients, develop relationships that would assist in better patient-centered care, and be patient advocates. As NP's we have the unique opportunity of having worked first as nurses and after obtaining higher education, the ability to offer a greater level of patient care similar to that of our physician colleagues. Nurse practitioner's are competent and trained to provide highly detailed assessments and personal care plans for each patient - whether well or sick. 

Did you know...

Sara spent 10 years working as an RN before completing her NP degree and has a dual certification as a Primary Care and Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Marina is fluent in Spanish and has been working specifically in primary care for 6 years - serving both English and Spanish speaking populations. She has also refined her special interest in asthma by providing care at Boston Children's Hospital's urgent care and pulmonary clinic's.