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Latest: Facebook Live!

Announcement Date: 1/18/2021

Upcoming Facebook Lives on asthma and ADHD and sensory processing disorder! Details here

Sensory Friendly Haircut Event

Announcement Date: 1/27/2020

Vo Style Salon in Ballston is incredibly welcoming, accomodating, and inclusive of people of all ages, shapes, sizes, disabilities, and gender identities.  If you use a wheelchair and wish to get a shampoo, the salon is one of the few in the area with adjustable shampoo sinks that accomodate wheelchairs!  Please fill out this form by 2/5/2020 to request an appointment slot for the 4th Arlington Inclusion Task Force Sensory-Friendly Haircut Event on 2/9/2020 from 1-6pm.

Concussion Care

Announcement Date: 11/27/19

Did you know most concussions can be evaluated at our office and do not require imaging, an ER visit or specialty doctor visit? We can do initial evaluations, follow up visits, school and sports clearance, and concussion care plans.  Please call us if your child has had a head injury that you suspect may put them at risk for a concussion.

Autism Parenting Group

Announcement Date: 8/13/19

Join Dr. Polly Panitz to share topical discussions with other parents of children on the autism spectrum.  Find out all the details here.  

Weekend Service is Changing July 1, 2019

Announcement Date:  6/21/19

In order to provide weekend coverage to all our service areas, weekend hours at your CAP office will change.  See details regarding the new Weekend Hours beginning July 1, 2019.    

Baby Care Basics Workshop at Ryan Park

Announcement Date: 05/09/2019

Capital Area Pediatrics is now offering a Baby Care Basics workshop at Ryan Park! Learn more here.

New Lactation Services at Ryan Park

Announcement Date: 05/03/2019

Capital Area Pediatrics proud to announce new Lactation Services at Ryan Park! Learn more here.

CAP Express Care

Announcement Date: 05/03/2019

Capital Area Pediatrics is now offering a morning walk-in clinic for established patients at its Herndon Office! Learn more about CAP Express Care here.