Capital Area Pediatrics is excited to launch Telemedicine services! Telemedicine is the delivery of medical services remotely using technology, specifically livestream video and audio. Patients and families can engage virtually with their child’s provider for an assessment of their child's status and determine next steps in treatment.  Telemedicine offers both convenience and minimizing the risk of spreading illness.

Can everything be done by Telemedicine?

We are working hard to offer excellent, personal care for your child, while preserving both safety and social distance.  Chronic conditions and management can often be done over telemedicine (ex. asthma medication checks, ADHD medication checks).  Other consults related to mental health, development, and behavior also translate well to telemedicine.  Many sick visits can be done via telemedicine.  Specifically, in order to reduce the risk of spreading illness to other patients and our staff, we will be seeing ALL patients with respiratory symptoms via telemedicine first.

There are some conditions which may require an in person physical exam (ex. ear pain, head injury) or testing (ex. flu, strep, urinalysis). Antibiotics will typically NOT be prescribed via telemedicine.  We will advise you based on your child’s individual circumstance when it is necessary to come in and aim to minimize contact with others where possible.  Well checks cannot be done this way at this time.  Telemedicine visits are still placed in a schedule for your provider during specific office hours. Telemedicine visits will be billed to your insurance and copays will be collected when appropriate.  

Many insurance companies are now covering provider telephone advice calls and telemedicine visits – feel free to check with your insurance company regarding coverage.  As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our providers are able to offer these services to continue providing excellent, personal care to our patients in the safest manner possible.  As we move forward, please feel free to let us know how we can continue to better serve you and your family.

Before Your Video Visit

You can use your phone, tablet or computer to connect to your health care provider for your video visit. Make sure to download ZOOM before your visit so you are ready to get started on time.

Use the links below to get the ZOOM app downloaded on your device:

Starting the Video Visit 

When it is time for your appointment, make sure you are either on wi-fi or in a place where you get good internet service.

Your health care provider will contact you with a meeting number or an email link to start your visit. You will be connected to the ZOOM waiting room. 

Your doctor will join you and then begin the visit. If your doctor is running late, please stay in the waiting room.

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